Welcome to Zen Codeworks, web development for Cornwall. We engineer solutions for the web. Scalable, solid and intelligent code from small business to Enterprise

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Zen Codeworks builds solutions for businesses. That solution could be many things. It could be a web site, or a web application for the public or internal intranet, or a mobile app for iPhone or Android, or perhaps some server software. Or it could be (and often is) a combination of many of the above.

Modern business software is rarely stand alone anymore. Systems need to be connected, to share data, and to flow into one another to make your business efficient, effective and profitable.

At Zen Codeworks we don’t just write code. We solve real problems, for real businesses.

Services include:

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Consulting

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    Agile Development

    Developing software using agile methods enables us to keep control over deliverables, whilst still remaining flexible to change. Creating software in an iterative way allows us and our clients to have transparency into the development process, so that there won’t be any nasty surprises at the end of the project. Issues can be picked up quickly, and changes made without greatly impacting the project.

    We see agile development as a guide, rather than a stick to be beaten with. We take the best parts of the various agile methodologies like Scrum and XP, and combine them to make something that works in the real world, for real projects.

    Modular Approach

    We build backend systems so that they can be re-used across the various devices or other systems in your business. So we would build the logic and database layer first, and then hook in the presentation layer from desktop, web or mobile devices.

    This has the benefit of being very flexible - further devices can be added after the initial development, and cost effective into the future, as this system can be used by other systems you have developed without having to ‘re-invent the wheel’ for each new development. This means no lock in to our system.


    We have a small core team of developers that can work on smaller projects. We then build a team from our network of developers to staff larger projects as required.

    We are completely virtual, which means developers can work from anywhere. This gives us the advantage that we can hire the best talent regardless of their location. Skype, email and other collaborative technologies keeps us all connected, and everyone works in ways that are most productive for them.